The history of St. Mary's Nursery School, Prayagraj, rests on the foundation of the Congregation of Jesus (the former Institute of Blessed Virgin Mary) by our Venerable foundress Mary Ward, who believed firmly that "Women in time to come will do great things!" We are a part of a journey which began with Mary Ward in 1585. In response to the needs of her time, Mary Ward founded the Institute in 1609, to cater to the education of girls, with the special emphasis on moral and spiritual foundation.

St. Mary’s Nursery School, in its present name came into existence in 1994, though in its site there stood in the old days , as far back as 1962 a primary school. Over the years, several changes took place. In 1992/93 St. Mary’s Convent 32 Thornhill Road, Prayagraj, constructed a primary wing in its own premises and shifted the children of the Primary classes from SMC, 21 Thornhill Road to 32 Thornhill Road. The vacant class-rooms were then utilized to start a Nursery School. In 1994 four sections of Preparatory class were opened with Sr. Lata as its Head Mistress. Sr. Preeti, Sr. Evelyn, Sr. Florence, Sr. Bridgit – have served as the Head-Mistress of this Nursery School.

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