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I am delighted that St. Mary’s Nursery School is launching its own website and that it happily coincides with the 20th Anniversary of its existence and service. Keeping abreast of modern technological advancements the school has decided to launch its website in order to create better, quicker and effective channels of communication. Communication is the life blood of human relationships. I am sure that having its own website will help the school to create and maintain better relationships and connectivity with the parents, students, staff and the public at large which will go a long way in providing education suited to the needs, aptitudes and potential of the child and the needs of the society.

St. Mary’s Nursery School, Prayagraj, one among the many schools of the Congregation of Jesus, aims at providing the little children who enter its portals a secure and conducive environment that fosters learning. It aims at providing quality education and helps students to develop their inborn talents and abilities and become fully developed and competent individuals who will contribute to the building of the society and nation. Right from the beginning of their education the school aims at instilling in them sensitivity and empathy for the less fortunate in the society so that they become responsible individuals who will work to create an inclusive and healthy society. To realize the vision of the school and instill good moral values in the children the school needs the support and active cooperation of the parent. The website, I hope will prove helpful in bridging the gap between school and home and serve as a means of communication between the two so that both are mutually aware of goals they are striving for and effort being made which in turn will bring about greater cooperation, synergy of efforts.

May the Lord bless your efforts with success!
(Sr. Roshni Cheenkallel CJ)
Provincial Superior

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