Rules Concerning Discipline
Concerning Absence
General Rules
  • All students should be present in school on the opening day of each term.
  • Irregular attendance, unjustified absence or objectionable oral behavior justify dismissal. If a student is absent for fifteen consecutive days without an application or for three days at the beginning of a term, her name may be struck off the rolls.
  • No books, other than the required text books may be brought to school. No student should bring to the school any objectionable articles, electronic goods, such as camera, tape-recorder, knives, weapons, crackers, explosives etc. The offenders are liable to be dismissed or rusticated from the school and the confiscated goods will not be returned. The decision of the school authorities is binding on all.
  • Any damage of school property will have to be made good. The decision of the Headmistress regarding the amount is final.
  • No student suffering from a contagious or infectious disease will be permitted to attend school. After recovery a fitness medical certificate is to be submitted.
  • During school hours, students are not allowed to receive visitors or make phone calls.
  • Any students desiring to be exempted from P.T. or games must produce a doctor’s certificate to the effect that she is physically unfit to take part.
  • All students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. They are expected to come in school uniform everyday.
  • The School Diary should be brought to the school daily.
  • Students are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in school but also for their general behaviour outside. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct out of school shall make them liable to disciplinary action.
  • Students are not allowed to enter a classroom other than their own.
  • Articles found in school or on its premises are to be handed over to the office.
  • Students should at all cost avoid writing, carving and scratching on walls and furniture. Such habits are detrimental to good education and a sign of low taste.
  • Headmistress’ permission is required:- (a) to make a collection for any purpose whatever;
    (b) to arrange for a party, picnic or meeting;
    (c) to join a sports or to play a game not arranged by the school;
    (d) to give presents to teachers or stage demonstration in their honour;
    (e) to arrange for private tuition from the school teachers.
  • No student is allowed to take private tuition from her own teachers.
  • Long finger nails, nail-polish, Mehendi, the wearing of finger rings, chains or any kind of jewellery are strictly prohibited. The school will not be responsible for their loss. Mobile phones are not allowed.
  • All are expected to speak English in School to be able to express themselves better in written and oral work.
  • Uniform and Diary : Those who come to School without proper uniform or the School Diary will be Penalized.
  • Loss of Diary : If a girl loses her Diary she will buy a new Diary.
  • Unfair Means : If any student is found using the following unfair means will be given zero in the subject. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal.
    - Having in possession papers, notes or any other material or information to the examination in the paper concerned.
    - Giving or receiving assistance directly or indirectly of any kind or attempting to do so.
    - Writing questions or answers on any material other than the answer book.
    - Tearing of any page of the answer book.

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